Quick Reference

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The following is a brief overview of some of the most used command-line CUBIT commands.



Brick X <> [Y <> Z <>]
Cylinder Radius <> Height <>
Frustum Z <> Radius <> [Top <>]
Frustum Z <> Maj Rad <> Min Rad <>
Prism Z <> Sides <> Rad <> [Maj <> Min <>]
Pyramid Height <> Sides <> Radius <>
Sphere Rad <> [Xpos] [Ypos] [Zpos] [Inn <>]
Torus Major Rad <> Minor Rad <>


Unite <> [With <>] [keep]
Subtract <> From <> [keep]
Intersect <> [With <>] [keep]


Body <> [Copy] Move <dx> <dy> <dz>
Move {} <> location {} <> [except [x] [y] [z]]
Rotate {} <> About {x| y| z|<> <> <>} Angle <>
Rotate {} <> About Vert <> Vert <> Angle <>
Rotate {} <> About Nor Of Surf <> Angle <> Body <> [Copy] Scale <> Body <> [Copy] Reflect {x| y| z|< x> <y> <z>}


Webcut {} <> Pla Vert <> [Vert]<> [Vert]<> ()
Webcut {} <> Plane Surf <> ()
Webcut {} <> Plane {xpla| ypla| zpla} [offs <>]
Webcut {} <> Tool [Body] <>
Webcut {} <> With Sheet {Body| Surf} <>
Webcut {} <> With Sheet Ext Fr Surf <>
Webcut {} <> Cyl Rad <> Axis {x| y| z| Vert <> Vert <>| <x><y><z>} [cent]
Options: [Noimprint| Imprint( default)], [Nomerge( default)| Merge], [group_ results] Section {} <> {{ xpla| ypla| zpla} [offs <>]} | Surf <>} [keep] [normal( default)| reverse]


Import Acis 'filename'
Export Acis 'filename' [Body <>]
Import Mesh Geometry 'filename' (options)


Mesh {} <>
Delete Mesh {} <> [Propagate]


{} <> Interval {<> | Hard | Soft | Default}
{} <> Size {<> | Auto}
Match Intervals {} <> [Ass Grou [Onl| Infea]] [Seed Cur <>] [Map| Pave]

Mesh schemes

{} <> Scheme ...
Curve: bias, copy, curvature, equal, stretch
Surface: auto, circle, copy, hole, map, mirror, pave, pentagon, qtri, submap, triprimitive, trimap, trimesh, tripave
Volume: auto, copy, map, sphere, submap, sweep, tetmesh, tetprimitive, thex
Smooth {} <>
{} <> Smooth Scheme ...

Smooth schemes

Curves: laplacian, randomize
Surface: centroid area pull, equipotential, laplacian, condition number, randomize, untangle, winslow
Volume: equipotential, laplacian, condition number, untangle, randomize


Block <> {Group| Vol| Surf| Curv} <> [Remove]
SideSet <> {Group| Curve} <> [Remove]
NodeSet <> {} <> [Remove]
Export Genesis 'filename'
Block <> Attribute <>
Block <> Element Type <type_>
Curves: bar[| 2| 3]| beam[| 2| 3]| truss[| 2| 3]
Surfaces: quad[| 4| 8| 9]| shell[| 4| 8| 9]| tri[| 3| 6| 7]
Volumes: hex[| 8| 20| 27]| pyr| tetra[| 4| 8| 10| 14] hexshell
SideSet <> Surf <> [Rem|[ She][ For| Rev| Both]]
SideSet <> Surf <> wrt Volume <>
Reset {Genesis | Nodesets | Sidesets | Blocks}


Play 'filename'
Record {' filename' | stop}
Logging {off|on file <'filename'> [resume]}
Reset Genesis



Surface 1 2 3 4 to 6 by 2 ...
Curve all in Volume 2 ...
Draw Edge all in Hex 32
List Curve 1 to 50 except 2 4 6
Draw Sideset 1 2 3 Curve 3 to 5 Hex 2 4 6


Group <> {add| equals| remove| xor} {} <>
Group <> {inters| unite} grou <> with grou <>
Group <> subtract group <> from group <>


Default mouse buttons (command line)

B1 - rotate; B2 - zoom; B3 - pan
Control-B1: pick entity (In graph win: 0,1,2,3,4 - Pick vert, curv, surf, vol, body)

Shortcuts (focus in Graphics Window)

a Add to selection group
b Toggle Bounding Box on Click
c Clear "picked" Group
d Display 'picked' group, make it the selection
e Echo ID of selection to command line
f Assign function to mouse button
g List geometry of selection
h Print help
i Toggle visibility of selection
j/k Move slicing plane down/up
l List current selection (as if you typed 'list ...')
control-l Give focus to the command prompt
m/n List picked group/selection contents
p Toggle Persistent Wireframe
q Quit Current Mode (Exit slicing if slicing)
r Remove from 'picked' Group
s Toggle save-mesh on slice move
u Toggle mouse circle visibility
v Reset view
w Toggle Wireframe on click
x/y/z Slice along x/y/z-axis
Shift-Z Zoom on current selection
F1 Save view 1 Numbers: set what you're picking.
ESC Cancel current Action
Tab Next possible selection
Shift-Tab Previous possible selection

Shift-SActivates graphics clipping plane controls


Set AcisOption {string|double|integer} 'OptionName' <value>
Set Attribute <attrib_type> Auto {actuate|update} {on|off}
[Set] Auto Size Default
[Set] Auto Size Function [1|2]
Set AutoUniqueId {on|OFF}
Set Auto Sweep Scheme {Sw|Proj|Trans|Rot}
Set Boolean Regularize [ON|off]
Set Block Mixed Element Output {offset|degenerate|explicit}
Set Block Triangle Offset <value>
Set Block Tetrahedron Offset <value>
Set Block Pyramid Offset <value>
Set Catch Interrupt [on|off]
Set Cleanup Angle <val> (default = 179.0)
Set {curve|surface} Imprint Cleanup Tolerance <value>
Set Continue Meshing [ON|off]
Set Core [on|off]
set {Corner|End} Angle <degrees>
set Corner Weight <value>
Set Crash Save [on|off]
[set] Diagnostic {on|off}
[set] Geometry Version <> (1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900)
[set] Debug <index> {on|off}
[set] Debug <index> File <'filename'>
[set] Debug <index> Terminal
set Default Blocks {on|off|Volumes|Surfaces}
set Default Names {on|off}
Set Default Element [tri|tet|QUAD|HEX|None]
Set Default Autosize [ON|off]
Set Digits [<number_to_list = -1>]
Set Deletion Off
Set Developer [commands] [on|off]
Set Detail Periodic Fraction <value>
Set Duplicate Block Elements {on|OFF}
[set] Echo [on|off]
Set Exodus Single Precision [on|off]
[Set] [Export Mesh] Nodeset Associativity [on|OFF]
[Set] [Export Mesh] Nodeset Associativity Complete [on|OFF]
[Set] Facet BBox [ON|off]
[Set] Facet_modify [ON|off]
Set Fastq {on|off]
Set File Overwrite [Check] [ON|off]
set FPE {divbyzero|invalid|underflow|overflow|all} [<toggle>]
set Fix Duplicate Names {on|off}
set FullHex [Use] [on|OFF]
[Set] Geometry Accuracy <value>
Set Geometry Engine {acis|catia|facet}
Set Group Edge Visibility [on|OFF]
Set Hex Relative Size Metric <value>
[set] Info {on|off}
set Interval Weight <value>
Set Import Mesh [vertex] [curve] [surface] Tolerance <distance>
[Set] Import Mesh NodeSet Associativity [ON|off]
Set Import Mesh NodeSet Order [On|Off]
Set Imprint Groups {ON|off}
Set Keep Invalid Mesh [on|off]
[set] Journal {on|off}}
[set] Journal [Graphics|Names|Aprepro|Errors] [on|off]}
[set] Journal idless [on|off|reverse]}
set Keep Invalid Mesh {on|off}
[Set] Laminate Tolerance <double>
set Large Angle Weight <value>
Set Large Exodus [ON|Off]
Set Exodus NetCDF4 [On|OFF]
[set] Logging {off|on file <'filename'> [resume]}
[Set] Logging Errors {off|on file <'filename'> [resume]}
Set Mapping Constraint [ON|off]
set Match Intervals Rounding {on|off}
set Match Intervals Fast {on|off}
Set Match Intervals Delta <interval_difference = 0.0>
Set Maximum Arc_span {<angle>|default}
Set Maximum Interval <int>
Set Maximum Memory [on|off|value(in MB)]
Set Merge Test BBox {on|OFF}
Set Merge Test InternalSurf {on|OFF|Spline}
Set Merge Base Names [on|off]
Set Measure Small Tolerance <value>
Set Metrics [on|OFF]
Set Mesh Autodelete [ON|off]
[Set] Morph Smooth [ON|off]
Set Multisweep [ON|off]
Set Nastran Exporter Params Add '<param_string>'
Set Nastran Exporter Params Remove '<param_string>'
Set Nastran Exporter Params Clear
Set New Ids [on|off]
Set Node Coincident Tolerance [<value>]
set Node Constraint [ON|off]
Set Overlap [Facet] {Angle|Absolute} <value>
Set Overlap {Minimum|Maximum} {Gap|Angle} <value>
Set Overlap Normal {ANY|opposite|same}
Set Overlap Tolerance <value>
Set Overlap Group {on|OFF}
Set Overlap {List|Display} {ON|off}
Set Overlap [Within] {Body|Volume} {on|OFF}
Set Overlap Imprnt {on|OFF}
Set Parallel Meshing [on|OFF}
[Set] Paver Cleanup {ON|off|extend}
[Set] Paver Diagonal Scale <factor> (default = 0.9)
[Set] Paver Grid Cell <factor> (default = 2.5)
[Set] Paver Size Limits {default|minimum <value>|maximum<value>}
[set] Paver Smooth Method { Default | Smooth Scheme|Old}
[set] Paver Linearsizing {off|on}
Set Persistent Ids {off|ON}
set Patran Export Autogroups [on|OFF]
Set Patran Export Groups {ON|off]
Set Play History {on|OFF}
[set] Project Smooth {on|off}
Set Push Attribs {on|off}
Set Print Quality {WARNING|error|off}
Set QTri Test {angle|diagonal}
Set Qtri Split <2|4> (default = 2)
Set Quad Relative Size Metric <value>
Set Quality Threshold <double> (default = 0.2)
set Replacement character '.|_|@'
Set ReverseZoom [on|off]
Set Save [Exodus|Cubit] [backups <number>]
[set] Scheme Auto Fuzzy [Tolerance] <degrees>
Set Sculpt Refine {on|OFF}[set] Smooth Iterations {default|<value>}
Set Separate After Webcut [ON|off]
[set] Smooth Method {laplacian | isoparametric}
[set] Smooth Tol <value> (Default = 0.05)
set {source|target} surface pattern '<pattern>'
Set Split Surface Tolerance <value>
Set Split Surface Parametric {on|OFF}
Set Split Surface Auto Detect Triange {ON|off}
Set Split Surface Point Angle Threshold <value>
Set Split Surface Side Angle Threshold <value>
Set Split Surface Extend Gap Threshold <value>
Set Split Surface Extend Tolerance <value>
Set Split Surface Extend Normal {on|OFF}
Set Stop Error {on|OFF}
Set Submap CornerPicking {ON|off}
set Suffix character '.|_|@'
Set Tight [[Bounding] [Box] [{Surface|Curve|Vertex} {on|off}]]
[Set] Tridelaunay Point Placement [{asp|gq}] (Advancing Steiner Point,Guaranteed Quality)
[Set] Trimesher Advancing Front
[Set] Tolerant Mesh Feature Size <value>
[Set] Tolerant Mesh MBG {OFF|on|only}
Set Tri Relative Size Metric <value>
Set Tet Relative Size Metric <value>
set Turn Weight <value>
Set Unite Mixed [ON|off]
[Set] Unmerge Duplicate_mesh {on|off}
[Set] Unmerge New Ids [{on|off}]
Set Verbose Errors [on|off]
Set Verbose Mesh [on|off]
[set] Warning {on|off}
Set WorkingDirectory 'directory_path'