Meshing Schemes

Meshing schemes in CUBIT can be divided into four broad categories.

In addition, Cubit supports two parallel meshing applications, pCamal and Sculpt

If no scheme is selected, Cubit will attempt to assign a scheme using the automatic scheme selection methods.

Traditional Meshing Schemes

Traditional meshing schemes are used to apply a mesh to an existing geometry using the methods described in Meshing the Geometry (i.e. setting a scheme, applying interval sizes, and meshing). Traditional meshing schemes are available for all geometry types.

Free Meshing Schemes

Free meshing schemes will create a free-standing mesh without any prior existing geometry. The final mesh will have mesh-based geometry.

Conversional Meshing Schemes

Conversional meshing schemes are used to convert an existing mesh into a mesh of different element type or size. For example, the THex scheme will convert a tetrahedral mesh into a hexahedral mesh.

Duplication Meshing Scheme

The duplication meshing scheme is used to copy an existing mesh from one geometry onto another similar geometry.

General Meshing Information

Information on specific mesh schemes available in CUBIT is given in this section. The following sections have important meshing-related information as well, and should be read before applying any of the mesh schemes described below.

In most cases, meshing a geometric entity in CUBIT consists of three steps:

Mesh {geom_list}

This command will match intervals on the given entity, then mesh any unmeshed lower order entities, then mesh the given entity.

After meshing is completed, the mesh quality is automatically checked (see Mesh Quality Assessment), then the mesh is drawn in the graphics window.

The following table classifies the meshing schemes with respect to their applicable geometry.

Curves Surfaces Volumes
Bias/Dualbias Circle Copy
Copy Copy HTet
Curvature   Mapping
  Hole Polyhedron
Equal Mapping Sphere
Pinpoint   Submap
Stretch Pave Sweep
  Pentagon TetMesh, TetINTRIA
  Polyhedron Tetprimitive
  QTri THex