CUBIT™ 16.06 Released July 12, 2022

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The CompSim-Geometry and Meshing Team is pleased to announce Version 16.06 of the CUBIT™ Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit. The following is a sampling of new capabilities and improvements introduced in CUBIT™ 16.06. See the CUBIT™ 16.06 Release Notes for a complete list, which includes new capabilities and many resolved user tickets.

What’s New…

Importing and Exporting Superelements

CUBIT™ now allows importing element blocks of type ‘superelement’ from an exodus file. Visualization, picking, and listing of superelement blocks is supported. Visualization of superelements appears as a collection of nodes. CUBIT™ GUI also supports them as shown in the image below.

Image of superelements_gui

Improved Accuracy in Exodus Sizing

Exodus sizing now has higher accuracy when computing a size from a location. It also has better performance by using an element-based search tree.

Usability Enhancements

  • Element blocks can now be specified using an element type criteria using the command "block with type <element type>".
  • Mesh in blocks can now be specified directly using "hex in block 1" in commands instead of "hex in volume in block 1".
  • Surfaces can now be specified by a normal at the surface’s center point using "surface with normal <x> <y> <z> [tolerance <value>]".

How to Get it…

CUBIT™ is available to anyone on the Sandia LANs. CUBIT™ 16.06 will now run automatically from the Linux command prompt, replacing CUBIT™ 16.04. It is also licensed free of charge for government use outside of Sandia. If you are a current CUBIT™ licensed user, you may get CUBIT™ 16.06 by visiting and following the instructions on the CUBIT™ Download page. See CUBIT™ Licensing for information on obtaining a license.

How You Can Learn More…

The CUBIT™ 16.06 Release Notes provide a description of all the new features included in CUBIT™ 16.06. For detailed information follow the links to the online users manual.

Classroom tutorials are advertised on the CUBIT™ Tutorial Webpage, where you can also find a download for self-guided tutorials.

For more information contact, CUBIT™ Product Owner Roshan Quadros.