The Geometry & Meshing Team at Sandia is dedicated to create the best product possible in Cubit® given our internal mission drivers and strategic planning.  We are always interested in learning about bugs and your ideas concerning the use of Cubit®.  We will address some of these matters if they align with our mission intent.  We provide the following options for support and methods to contact our team. 

For certain issues, we may not be able to fully meet the needs of your use of Cubit® through the support methods listed below.  We should make clear that NTESS is under no obligation to provide any technical assistance under any licensing or use of Cubit®.  Technical assistance might be available under standard funded SPP (Strategic Partnership Projects) or CRADA agreements under which NTESS is permitted to perform work for third parties.  Please talk to our team if this option seems right for your organization. Technical assistance may also be available by third parties familiar with Cubit®.

Mailing Lists

Cubit® users mailing list

We maintain a mailing list intended for our users to discuss Cubit® issues and to use for a help resource. It also carries announcements that we feel are of interest to our user community. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from this list, send an email to from your organizational email address inserting subscribe cubit or unsubscribe cubit in the subject line.

To send mail to the list, use

Cubit® Announcements mailing list

We also maintain a mailing list that will only broadcast announcements we feel will be of interest to our users. If you are already subscribed to our mailing list, you do NOT need to subscribe to the list, as announcements will be echoed on it also. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the announcements-only mailing list, send an email to from your organizational email address inserting subscribe cubit-announce or unsubscribe cubit-announce in the subject line.


Cubit® Help

To obtain technical support with any issue regarding use (up to OUO) or installation of Cubit®, use the following email address:

Someone will usually answer your question with 24 hours. Please DO NOT send classified files to this address.

If you need help with a classified problem, just send an email to cubit-help requesting assistance, with a note that the part is classified, and we will make secure arrangements to provide you the help you need.

Cubit® Support Manager

Clinton Stimpson, Computational Simulation Infrastructure (org. 1543), Email:

Cubit® Project Lead

Ryan Viertel, Sandia National Laboratories, Computational Simulation Infrastructure (org. 1543), Phone: (801) 669-4887, Email: