Reducing Geometry

The reduce options provide automatic defeaturing and simplification solutions for specific classes of geometry. These options are most often used as methods for rapidly modifying geometry representing fasteners and springs to representations that can be readily used in analysis. For example, the CAD representation of a bolt may include threads, fillets, chamfers, cavities and may also overlap surrounding geometry. The reduce option can automatically defeature, webcut and modify surrounding geometry as well as mesh and apply boundary conditions according to a designated recipe. A limited number of reduce recipes are currently supported for bolts, including the following:

Reduce Recipe Command Syntax Description  
 Reduce Bolt (Simplify) reduce volume <id_list> Simplify/Defeature bolt geometry only
 Reduce Bolt Fit Volume reduce volume <id_list> fit_volume Simplify bolt and fit to surrounding geometry
 Reduce Bolt Core reduce volume <id_list> core Simplify bolt and insert surrounding core geometry
 Reduce Bolt Spider reduce volume <id_list> spider Remove bolt and replace with spider mesh

The reduce command is often used in conjunction with the Geometry Power tool and the machine learning classification methods. The classification tool can group volumes according to commonly recognized shapes such as bolt, nut, washer, spring, etc.