Reduce (Simplify)

The simplest form of the Reduce command. This option will simplify and defeature volumes without affecting the surrounding geometry.

Figure 1. Example before and after of the Reduce command


 Reduce volume {<ids>} [preview]


The reduce command without additional options will perform simplification and defeaturing operations on the given volumes. This includes automatic chamfer, blend, cavity and small surface removal. While intended primarily for the bolt and fastener use case, it can also be useful for other volume types, however results may vary depending on complexity of the geometry.

volume ids: Specify the ids of the volumes to be reduced. The Geometry Power Tool classification diagnosic can be used for identifying volumes as "bolts".

preview: optional argument to display a preview of the reduce operation without execution of the reduction. This option will display the reduced volume in blue with the surrounding volumes displayed in wireframe.