Right Click Commands for the GUI Graphics Window

Clicking the Right mouse button in the graphics window will bring up a menu. One of two menus will appear, depending on whether an entity is currently selected.

With Entity Selected

When an entity is selected, the options available will depend upon the type of entity selected. The following describes the menu options and when they are available.

Entity Selections

Menu OptionDescriptionEntity Type(s)
Select Other... Brings up a dialog with alternate entity selections All
Select Similar Volume Selects other volumes with the same geometric volume and number of surfaces Volumes
Select Similar Surface Selects other surfaces with the same area and number of curves Surfaces
Select Blend Chain Selects other surfaces in the same blend chain that have the same radius of curvature Blend surfaces
Select Cavity Selects other surfaces in the same cavity collection. Surfaces bounded by curves where the external angle is greater than 180 degrees. Cavity surfaces
Select Similar Curves Selects other curves with the same length Curves
Select by Name Selects other entities with the same name. Includes entities with the same name prefix prior to the "@" character if it exists. Geometry entities
Pick Extended... Brings up dialog for extended selection. Related entites can be selected using custom criteria defined from a python script. Surfaces

Entity Visualization

Menu OptionDescriptionEntity Type(s)
Zoom To Zoom to the selected entity All
Rotate About Center of rotation is changed to the centroid of the selected entity(s) All
Locate Text label with line pointing to entity is displayed All
Draw Clears the graphics window and draws the selected entity(s) All
Draw Elements Brings up a secondary menu with options to Draw specific 3D mesh entity types (without geometry). Meshed Volumes
Draw Normal Displays an arrow from the center of the selected surface in the direction of its normal. Also colors surface indicating orientation. Geometry Entities
Draw With Neighbors Clears the graphics window and displays the selected entity(s) along with entities sharing a common vertex Geometry Entities
Draw With Nearby Volumes Draws the selected volume(s) along with volumes that are within a small distance Volumes
Draw Volume Overlap Draws the curves in the selected volume(s) as well as any volume it overlaps. The region shared between the overlapping volumes will be displayed in red Volumes
Isolate Turn off visibility for all entities except the selected entity(s) Geometry Entities
Visibility Off Turn off the visibility of the selected entity(s) Geometry Entities

Entity Operations

Menu OptionDescriptionEntity Type(s)
Add to Group/BC Opens a dialog box for adding the selected entity to an existing boundary condition or group All
Remove from Group/BC Opens a dialog box for removing the selected entity from an existing boundary condition or group All
Mesh Mesh the selected entities using the current meshing scheme and size settings Unmeshed Geometry Entities
Delete Mesh Deletes the mesh from the selected entities using the "propagate" option. (Deletes mesh entities on lower order entities.) Meshed Geometry Entities
Show Quality Displays the mesh quality of the selected entities to the output window. Meshed Geometry Entities
Measure When a single entity is selected, displays to the output window the geometric length, area or volume. When two entities are selected, displays the closest distance between the entities. Geometry Entities
List Information Show a menu with additional options for listing information about the selected entities. List Basic Info: Lists connectivity and associated lower order entities. Geometry: Basic info plus additional geometric information such as centroid, bounding box, surface area etc. List Mesh Info: Basic info plus additional information about the associated mesh. All
Save Selection As... Brings up a File Browser to save the currently selected entities as a cub file. Geometry Entities
Delete Deletes the selected geometry entities Free Geometry Entities
Remove Removes a surface using the remove surface command. Surfaces in Volumes

Without Entity Selected

Menu OptionDescriptionEntity Type(s)
Refresh Display Clears temporary graphics a refreshes display of current geometry and mesh. All
Draw Mesh Displays any existing mesh entities without geometry. Meshed Entities and Free Mesh
Reset Zoom Reset graphics viewing options to original settings. All
All Visible Reset visibility status to ON for all entities and display. All
Display Options... Opens the Display Options Dialog to set graphics window characteristics such as background color, lighting, triad options etc. All