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Mesh Verification with VERDICT

VERDICT is a comprehensive suite of mesh quality metrics for evaluating the quality of hex, tet, quad and triangle finite elements
The question of "what makes a good mesh" is a fundamental aspect of the CUBIT mesh generation toolkit. As a result, significant research has gone into defining quality metrics for which elements may be judged. Element quality criteria are generally agreed upon standards for acceptance of a mesh for simulation purposes.

VERDICT, a separate module providing these quality criteria, has been developed to help standardize these quality metrics. In addition to providing VERDICT as a linkable software library, a small application known as VERDE has been developed to wrap the VERDICT library. It provides a convenient cross-platform graphical user interface with VTK graphics for visualizing element quality criteria in a mesh.

VERDE is available under a GPL software license. You may download VERDE from this website. VERDE documentation (PDF ) is also available.

Sandia's version of the mesh verification library, VERDICT, was released as LGPL open source. It can be downloaded here, along with other open source code developed at Sandia. (Kitware, Inc. is developing a separate BSD licensed version for VTK that's based on Sandia's version. See here for details.)


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