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CUBIT Toolkit

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Verde/Verdict Licensing

The Verde program and the Verdict module are currently available free of charge under LGPL licenses. Click here to download.

CUBIT Licensing

Cubit is available for US goverment use only, and requires proof of a current US government contract. If your work is not US government use, you can use Trelis, the commercial version of Cubit, available through csimsoft, which is available for purchase for any use, including academic and commercial.

The instructions below are for US government use of Cubit only. If your work is not US government use, go to csimsoft.

CUBIT is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Obtaining a CUBIT License


There is no charge for U.S. government-use licenses of CUBIT.

Government Use Licenses

Licenses are available to U.S. Government Agencies (i.e. military, government labs and/or agencies). Limited-term licenses are also available to companies performing work under contract issued directly by a U.S. Government entity. To obtain a license, please use the following procedure:

U.S. Government Agencies and direct Contractors to the U.S. Government, please click: GOVERNMENT REQUESTORS ONLY to fill out the online request (Participant Data Sheet).

Complete the necessary information, then submit the form by clicking the button at the bottom of the Participant Data Sheet.

Once the Online Participant Data Sheet has been submitted a Cubit licensing liaison will initiate the approval process. Assuming no additional information is required for the request, a license agreement will be sent via email for review and signature, if required.

Important: A step in the licensing process requires that an original of the signed license agreement be returned to Sandia within 30 days of receipt of password. Failing to send a hardcopy will result in cancellation of the license agreement and download privileges revoked.

Lawrence Livermore National Lab Employees Only

The contact for using Cubit at LLNL is William Elmer ( Contact William for any licensing or installation questions.

Sandia National Lab Employees Only

Linux LANs : Check with your local LAN administrator for instructions on how to access CUBIT on your local LAN. In most cases typing one of the following commands at the Linux prompt should allow you to run CUBIT:

cubit Run the most recent released version with Graphical User Interface
cubit -nogui Command Line only with graphics window
cubit -nogui -nographics Command Line only without graphics window
cubit-15.2 Run a specific release of Cubit. For example, version 15.2 with GUI
cubit-beta Run the latest development beta version, that has passed nightly verification tests.
cubit-alpha Run the latest development alpha version, that may or may not have passed nightly verification tests.

Other Computers: As a Sandia user, you may install Cubit on your other machines for your use. Please download the package appropriate to your platform from the Downloads link on the left of this page. Your Sandia username and kerberos password should work to access that site. If you encounter problems, please use the link below to email Cubit Support.


CUBIT Trial Licenses

Sandia does not offer a trial license of Cubit. Trial licenses for commercial or academic use can be obtained from csimsoft.

CUBIT Licensing Questions

Any questions about licensing of Cubit should be directed to

Web site contact: Cubit Support