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Hands-on instruction from the developers of the Cubit Software is available for Sandia employees and anyone who has obtained a government--use license of Cubit. Instruction will be held on-site at Sandia, NM (MO298/131) June 24-26, 2019. Tutorials will also be scheduled for Sandia, Livermore, for summer 2019. We are currently offering two options for cubit training which will be held on consecutive days. Windows desktop computers will be provided for hands-on practice assignments. Enrollment is limited based on the capacity of the training facility.


This one-day course consists of several fast-start modules designed to get a new user up and running and producing usable FEA meshes in a short time. The class involves both lecture and hands-on practice covering the full workflow for developing a quality mesh ready for analysis. Topics include basic usage of the CUBIT graphical user interface, geometry preparation, meshing algorithms, boundary condition assignment, and mesh quality principles. Instruction will also focus on basic techniques for preparing CAD models for automatic tetrahedral and hexahedral meshing methods.


A continuation of CUBIT 100, this 1.5 day class is held immediately following and can be taken together. This class will focus on common techniques for decomposing a model for hexahedral meshing, strategies for generating robust tetrahedral meshes as well as techniques for geometry clean up and simplification of CAD models. It will consist of both lecture and hands-on practice sessions focusing on common problems from FEA analysts. Students should come away with practical new tools and techniques that can be used in everyday meshing for modeling and simulation.


There is no charge for registration for Sandia employees, but you must sign up for each class separately through the corporate TEDS system. (search for CUBIT) For non-Sandia participants contact Katrina Baca-Torres at to register and arrange for payment. A temporary Sandia site badge will be provided for facility access for non-Sandia employees. Due to logistics of the class location at Sandia National Laboratories, we are currently unable to accomodate non-US citizens.

Note: Be sure to sign up for both CUBIT 100 and CUBIT 200 if you plan to participate in the full 2.5-day class.

Contact: Steve Owen, or Roshan Quadros, for more information.


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