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Contributed Tools for CUBIT

Python Scripts

build_bars.py Create bars from nodes on one surface to nearest nodes on another surface
deletebadelems.py Delete hexes below a threshold quality
calc_tet_adjacencies.py Calculate TET Adjacencies
chromo.py Create sidesets on opposite sides of hex chords
save_hex_volumes.py Write an output file with the volume of every hex
smallest_edge.py Print out the smallest edges.
outputucd.py Export current mesh to AVS's UCD format
ucd_w_boundary.py Export current mesh to AVS's UCD format w/boundary conditions
create_outside_group.py Create a group of connecting (outside) surfaces
facet2acis.py Build ACIS geometry 'from the ground up' from a facet file
min_max_script.py Output the min and max edge lengths in a tet mesh
two_thru_thickness.py Refine a tet mesh to guarantee two elements thru the thickness
reviewMetadata.py Print out volumes that have metadata missing
Cubit_Export_2_ANSYS_CDB.py Script for exporting a mesh and nodesets from Cubit into an ANSYS .cdb mesh file. Courtesy of Bob Terhune, ARDEC Liaison to ANSYS Inc.
advcubit.py Module providing additional functions for Cubit that are not part of the normal Cubit Python interface. Courtesy of Hans Hammer, Idaho National Laboratory.
findhex.py Two functions:
  • getHexInVol(meshed_vol_id, enclosed_vol_id) returns a list of all exnclosed hex indices.
  • highlightHexes(hex_list) is used to highlight the result list for error checking


Courtesy of Byron K. Boulton, from BerrieHill Research of Dayton, OH
README.txt Instructions for installing syntax-highlighting rules for Notepad++ and Vim
NPP_userLang_CUBIT.xml Syntax-highlighting XML for Notepad++
vim_cubit_jou_file_syntax.zip Files needed for syntax-highlighting in vim

To submit files for posting, please email them to cubit-support@sandia.gov with the Subject: User-contributed Python script. Please include a contact email where people can ask questions, and a short description of your submission. Note that we will not accept contributions that infringe copyright or other laws.

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