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Graphical User Interfaces with CLARO

CLARO was designed as a flexible environment upon which a custom user interface may be easily developed and modified to suite the needs of an application. The CLARO framework, utilizing VTK graphics, although developed independently of CUBIT, has been optimized for applications that require mesh and geometry manipulation and visualization. It loads the intended application at startup and communicates with it via the Python scripting language. The graphical user interface layout is specified in terms of a series of XML files and built with TrollTech's Qt® GUI Builder. While CUBIT is currently the major application supported by CLARO, plans are underway to use CLARO in a number of other applications.

CLARO is now available for licensing and distribution. A password to download CLARO libraries may be obtained by following the directions on the CUBIT Licensing page.

CLARO Gui CLARO is a Qt-based Graphical User Interface environment with support for VTK graphics. It provides run-time loading of applications with python scripting

Additional CLARO Resources

White Paper (pdf): A more detailed description of CLARO. Written by one of the authors, Karl Merkley.

Customization Tutorial: Powerpoint slides and examples from a one-day tutorial class taught at Sandia. Includes a basic introduction to Python, Using Python and C++ to control Cubit through CubitInterface and an introduction to using QT to develop custom GUI components.

PythonExample Python Scripts: Directory of example python scripts submitted by the Cubit development staff and Cubit Users. (You must have a download password to access)

Claro demonstration 

The CLARO Framework for building finite element-based applications

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