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CAMAL-The CUBIT Adaptive Meshing Algorithm Library

Several of CUBIT's mesh generation algorithms have become production quality codes, heavily used within the Laboratories. As a result of the demand for these codes to be used within other applications as either stand-alone mesh generators or for adaptive remeshing within an analysis code, the CAMAL module has been developed. CAMAL currently provides a convenient API to some of its most used algorithms, including, triangle, tet and quad meshing. Work is underway for sweeping and mapping algorithms as well as local conformal refinement and coarsening algorithms.

CAMAL is now available for licensing and distribution. A password to download CAMAL binary libraries may be obtained by following the directions on the CUBIT Licensing page.


Meshed part
CAMAL provides tetrahedral, quadrilateral and triangle meshing algorithms packaged together under a single C-style application programmer’s interface.

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