Sculpt Command Summary

Following is a listing of the available input commands to either sculpt or psculpt. When used from the unix command line, commands may be issued using the short form argument, designated with a single dash(-), or with the longer form, designated with two dashes (--). When used in an input file, only the long form may be used, omitting the two dashes (--)

Process Control 		--process 	-pc
  --num_procs,		-j <args>	Number of processors requested
  --input_file,		-i <args>	File containing user input data
  --debug_processor,	-D <args>	Sleep to attach to processor for debug
  --quiet,		-qt		Supress output                        
  --print_input,	-pi		Print input values and defaults then stop
  --version,		-vs		Print version number and exit
  --threads_process,	-tpp <args>	Number of threads per process
  --iproc,		-ip <args>	Number of processors in I direction
  --jproc,		-jp <args>	Number of processors in J direction
  --kproc,		-kp <args>	Number of processors in K direction
  --build_ghosts,	-bg		Write ghost layers to exodus files for debug

Input Data Files 		--input 	-inp
  --stl_file,		-stl <args>	Input STL file
  --diatom_file,	-d <args>	Input Diatom description file
  --input_vfrac,	-ivf <args>	Input from Volume Fraction file base name
  --input_micro,	-ims <args>	Input from Microstructure file
  --input_cart_exo,	-ice <args>	Input from Cartesian Exodus file
  --input_spn,		-isp <args>	Input from Microstructure spn file
  --input_mesh,		-im <args>	Input Base Exodus mesh
  --lattice,		-l <args>	STL Lattice Template File

Output 		--output 	-out
  --exodus_file,	-e <args>	Output Exodus file base name
  --volfrac_file,	-vf <args>	Output Volume Fraction file base name
  --quality,		-Q		Dump quality metrics to file
  --export_comm_maps,	-C		Export parallel comm maps to debug exo files
  --write_geom,		-G		Write geometry associativity file
  --write_mbg,		-M		Write mesh based geometry file 
  --compare_volume,	-cv		Report vfrac and mesh volume comparison

Bounding Box/Mesh Size 		--bbox 	-box
  --nelx,		-x <args>	Num cells in X in overlay Cartesian grid
  --nely,		-y <args>	Num cells in Y in overlay Cartesian grid
  --nelz,		-z <args>	Num cells in Z in overlay Cartesian grid
  --xmin,		-t <args>	Min X coord of overlay Cartesian grid
  --ymin,		-u <args>	Min Y coord of overlay Cartesian grid
  --zmin,		-v <args>	Min Z coord of overlay Cartesian grid
  --xmax,		-q <args>	Max X coord of overlay Cartesian grid
  --ymax,		-r <args>	Max Y coord of overlay Cartesian grid
  --zmax,		-s <args>	Max Z coord of overlay Cartesian grid
  --cell_size,		-cs <args>	Cell size (nelx, nely, nelz ignored)
  --align,		-a		Automatically align geometry to grid
  --bbox_expand,	-be <args>	Expand tight bbox by percent

Mesh Type 		--type 	-typ
  --stair,		-str <args>	Generate Stair-step mesh
  --mesh_void,		-V		Mesh void
  --htet,		-ht <args>	Convert hexes below quality threshold to tets
  --trimesh,		-tri		Generate tri mesh of geometry surfaces
  --deg_threshold,	-dg <args>	Convert hexes below threshold to degenerates
  --max_deg_iters,	-dgi <args>	Maximum number of degenerate iterations

Boundary Conditions 		--boundary_condition 	-bc
  --void_mat,		-VM <args>	Void material ID (when mesh_void=true)
  --gen_sidesets,	-SS <args>	Generate sidesets

Adaptive Meshing 		--adapt 	-adp
  --adapt_type,		-A <args>	Adaptive meshing type
  --adapt_threshold,	-AT <args>	Threshold for adaptive meshing
  --adapt_levels,	-AL <args>	Number of levels of adaptive refinement
  --adapt_export,	-AE		Export exodus mesh of refined grid

Smoothing 		--smoothing 	-smo
  --smooth,		-S <args>	Smoothing method
  --csmooth,		-CS <args>	Curve smoothing method
  --laplacian_iters,	-LI <args>	Number of Laplacian smoothing iterations
  --max_opt_iters,	-OI <args>	Max. number of parallel Jacobi opt. iters.
  --opt_threshold,	-OT <args>	Stopping criteria for Jacobi opt. smoothing
  --curve_opt_thresh,	-COT <args>	Min metric at which curves won't be honored
  --max_pcol_iters,	-CI <args>	Max. number of parallel coloring smooth iters.
  --pcol_threshold,	-CT <args>	Stopping criteria for parallel color smooth

Mesh Improvement 		--improve 	-imp
  --pillow,		-p <args>	Set pillow criteria (1=surfaces)
  --pillow_surfaces,	-ps		Turn on pillowing for all surfaces
  --pillow_curves,	-pc		Turn on pillowing for bad quality at curves
  --pillow_boundaries,	-pb		Turn on pillowing at domain boundaries
  --pillow_curve_layers,	-pcl <args>	Number of elements to buffer at curves
  --pillow_curve_thresh,	-pct <args>	S.J. threshold to pillow hexes at curves
  --pillow_smooth_off,	-pso		Turn off smoothing following pillow operations
  --capture,		-c <args>	Project to facet geometry 
  --capture_angle,	-ca <args>	Angle at which to split surfaces 
  --capture_side,	-sc <args>	Project to facet geometry with surface ID
  --defeature,		-df <args>	Apply automatic defeaturing
  --min_vol_cells,	-mvs <args>	Minimum number of cells in a volume
  --defeature_bbox,	-dbb		Defeature Filtering at Bounding Box
  --defeature_iters,	-dfi <args>	Maximum Number of Defeaturing Iterations
  --micro_expand,	-me <args>	Expand Microstructure grid by N layers
  --micro_shave,	-ms		Remove isolated cells at micro. boundaries
  --remove_bad,		-rb <args>	Remove hexes with Scaled Jacobian < threshold

Mesh Transformation 		--transform 	-tfm
  --xtranslate,		-xtr <args>	Translate final mesh coordinates in X
  --ytranslate,		-ytr <args>	Translate final mesh coordinates in Y
  --ztranslate,		-ztr <args>	Translate final mesh coordinates in Z
  --scale,		-scl <args>	Scale final mesh coordinates by constant

Boundary Layers 		--boundary_layer 	-bly
  --begin,		-beg <args>	Begin specification blayer or blayer_block
  --end,		-zzz <args>	End specification blayer or blayer_block
  --material,		-mat <args>	Boundary layer material specificaton
  --num_elem_layers,	-nel <args>	Number of element layers in blayer block
  --thickness,		-th <args>	Thickness of first element layer in block
  --bias,		-bi <args>	Bias of element thicknesses in blayer block