Exporting Facet Files

Facet files may be exported directly, or by converting from an ACIS representation. The syntax for exporting facet files is:

Export Facets 'filename' <entity_list> [Overwrite]

The overwrite function allows you to overwrite an existing facet file.

STL facet files may be generated from geometry or from a triangle mesh. The syntax for exporting to the STL format is:

Export STL [ASCII|binary] 'filename' [<entity_list>] [tri <id_range>] [angle=15] [mesh|water tight] [Overwrite]

The [entity_list] option is a list of geometric entities (bodies, volumes, or surfaces). By default, the graphics facets for the geometric entities will be written to the STL file. The [angle] keyword specifies the dihedral angle used during facet generation. The [water tight] option will enforce a "water-tight" set of graphics facets to be exported for solid volumes. To export the triangle mesh on the geometric entities, instead of the graphics facets, specify the [mesh] keyword. Note that STL export of quad meshes is not supported.

Alternatively, a list of mesh triangles can be specified for export. If neither geometry entities nor mesh are specified, all volumes and sheet bodies are written out.