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Release Date January 13, 2014

The CUBIT Team is pleased to announce Version 14.1 of the CUBIT Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit.

What's New...

The following is a sampling of some of the main new capabilities introduced with CUBIT 14.1. See the CUBIT 14.1 Release Notes for a complete list.

'N' Tets Through the Thickness Refinement: Cubit can now refine a tet mesh and guarantee a minimum number of tets through the thickness. This is particularly useful when a model contains thin regions.

Vertex Sizing and Automatic Curve Biasing: Mesh size can now be set at each vertex. The vertex size is honored during curve meshing, and biasing is automatically calculated to space nodes along the curve.

Controlling the Gradation of Mesh Size in Tet Meshes: Mesh size in the interior of tet meshes can now be controlled by specifying a growth factor. Interior mesh size can be kept constant, or allowed to grow at a specified rate.

New Align Command: A new Align command has been added to allow rotational alignment of volumes about an axis.

Sphere Element Exodus Import: In previous versions of CUBIT, blocks of sphere elements were ignored on import. Starting in Cubit 14.1 sphere elements are now imported into CUBIT.

APREPRO Functions to Compute Centroid and Find Nearest Node: New APREPRO functions have been added to CUBIT to allow computing geometry centroids, mesh centroids, and bounding box extents. There is also a new function to find the node nearest a specified coordinate location.

How to Get it...

CUBIT is available to anyone on the Sandia LANs. CUBIT 14.1 will now run automatically from the Linux command prompt, replacing CUBIT 14.0. It is also licensed free of charge for government use outside of Sandia. If you are a current CUBIT licensed user, you may download CUBIT 14.1 from the CUBIT website. Sandia staff may also obtain the latest version from the internal dropzone. See CUBIT Licensing for information on obtaining a license.

How You Can Learn More...

The CUBIT 14.1 Release Notes provide a description of all the new features included in CUBIT 14.1. For detailed information follow the links to the online users manual.

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