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Release Date May 16, 2013

The CUBIT Team is pleased to announce Version 14.0 of the CUBIT Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit.

What's New...

The following is a sampling of some of the main new capabilities introduced with CUBIT 14.0. See the CUBIT 14.0 Release Notes for a complete list.

Global Element and Node Ids: Global Element and Node Id Maps are now written to the Exodus file so that a consistent set of Ids can be tracked throughout the analysis process.

Paver Improvements: The Paving algorithm has been improved to remove small edges.

ACIS Version R22: This new version of ACIS contains various improvements and bug fixes.

Uniting Meshed Volumes: Geometry that has been decomposed for meshing purposes can be reunited after meshing. Smoothing on the reunited volume can improve the mesh where artificial boundaries were introduced for meshing.

Visualizing Shell Thickness: CUBIT now allows users to visualize element block thickness on SHELL and TRISHELL type element blocks.

APREPRO Functions to Loop through Group Entities: New APREPRO functions have been added to CUBIT to allow looping through the entities in a group.

How to Get it...

CUBIT is available to anyone on the Sandia LANs. CUBIT 14.0 will now run automatically from the Linux command prompt, replacing CUBIT 13.2. It is also licensed free of charge for government use outside of Sandia. If you are a current CUBIT licensed user, you may download CUBIT 14.0 from the CUBIT website. Sandia staff may also obtain the latest version from the internal dropzone. See CUBIT Licensing for information on obtaining a license.

How You Can Learn More...

The CUBIT 14.0 Release Notes provide a description of all the new features included in CUBIT 14.0. For detailed information follow the links to the online users manual.

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Web site contact: Cubit Support