CUBIT™ is a full-featured software toolkit for robust generation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional finite element meshes (grids) and geometry preparation. Its main goal is to reduce the time to generate meshes, particularly large hex meshes of complicated, interlocking assemblies. It is a solid-modeler-based preprocessor that meshes volumes and surfaces for finite element analysis. Mesh generation algorithms include:

  • Quadrilateral and triangular paving
  • 2D and 3D mapping
  • Hex sweeping and multi-sweeping
  • Tet meshing
  • Many special purpose primitives.

CUBIT also contains many algorithms for controlling and automating much of the meshing process, such as

  • Automatic scheme selection
  • Interval matching
  • Sweep grouping
  • Sweep verification

And, of course, CUBIT also includes state-of-the-art smoothing algorithms.

Hex mesh

CUBIT provides an extensive suite of tools for geometry decomposition and mesh generation.

More-extensive list of CUBIT Features...

See Cubit Licensing for information on obtaining the Cubit Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit. Licensed users may download the current release from this website.

Geometry Power Tool

CUBIT Geometry Power Tool helps to quickly detect and repair problem geometry and prepare for mesh generation