Updating the Display

Among the most common graphics-related commands is:


This command clears all highlighting and temporary drawing, and then redraws the model according to the current graphics settings. The GUI tool bar button for executing this command is:

Two related commands are:

Graphics Flush

Graphics Clear

Graphics Flush redraws the graphics without clearing highlighting or temporary drawing. Graphics Flush is useful when a previously executed command modified the graphics and didn't update the screen and the user wishes to update the display. The Graphics Clear command clears the graphics window without redrawing the scene, leaving the window blank.

NOTE: Although most changes to the model are immediately reflected in the graphics display, some are not (for graphics efficiency). Typing Display will update the display after such commands. Ctrl-R will also update the display as long as the mouse is in the graphics window.

Prevent Graphics From Updating

For especially large models, it may take excessively long to update the display after an action has been performed. To prevent the graphics from automatically updating, use the following command:

Graphics Pause

This command prevents the graphics window from being updated until the next time the Display command is issued.

NOTE: The Plot command is synonymous to the Display command, and either can be used with identical results.