Graphics Lighting Model

For shaded graphics display modes, the lighting model controls the intensity of the highlights and shadows for objects displayed in the graphics window. CUBIT offers two commands for controlling the lighting model.

Graphics Ambient Intensity {<intensity> | <r g b>}

Graphics Light Intensity {<intensity> | <r g b>}

The ambient intensity is the light available in the environment. There is no particular direction to the light source. In contrast, the light intensity is the effect of a simulated light source placed at the viewer's line of sight. The light intensity affects the intensity of the highlights and shadows, while the ambient intensity affects the brightness of the objects in the overall scene.

An intensity value from 0 to 1 can be used, where 0 represents no light and 1 represents maximum. Alternatively r g b color components can be used. This changes the color of the directional or ambient light source, affecting the resulting color of the objects in the model.

The GUI Options panel for manipulating these settings is found under Tools/Options and is shown below: