Hardcopy Output

CUBIT's Graphical User Interface provides the capability to print the contents of the graphics window directly to a printer. Use File/Export/Screen Shot to access this functionality.

In addition, a command line option is provided for dumping the contents of the graphics window to postscript or image files.

The command for generating hardcopy output files is:

Hardcopy '<filename>' {jpg | gif | bmp | pnm | tiff | eps} [Window <window_id>]

Each of these options saves the view in the specified window (or the current window), to the specified file, in the format indicated. The file can then be sent to a printer or inserted into another document.

Screen Capture Programs

It should also be noted that many commercial applications are available for capturing screen images. In many cases, these applications may be more convenient for interactively capturing and saving a portion of the screen than the Hardcopy command discussed above. On UNIX platforms, the XV utility written by John Bradley is a good choice. In some cases this utility or its equivalent may be included with your system software. For Windows users, the Print Screen button will send a copy of the screen to the clipboard which can then be pasted into a paint program.