Entity Labels

Most entities may be labeled with text that is drawn at the centroid of the entity.

Mesh entities can be labeled with their ID number or their Element ID. Element ID labels are only valid after putting the mesh entities into a block.

Geometric entities can be labeled with their ID number or with other information.

Labels for groups of entity types can be turned on or off.

The following commands will accomplish this.

Label [On|Off|Name [Only|ID]|ID|Interval|Size|Merge|Firmness]

Label All [On|Off|Name [Only|ID]|ID|Interval|Size|Merge|Firmness]

Label Body [On|Off| Name [Only|ID] |ID|Interval|Size| Merge |Firmness]

Label Curve [On|Off|Name [Only|ID] |ID| Interval| Size| Merge| Firmness]

Label {Hex|Tet|Face|Tri|Edge} [On|Off|ElementId]

Label Element [On|Off]

Label Geometry [On|Off|Name [Only|ID] |ID| Interval| Size| Merge| Firmness]

Label Mesh [On|Off]

Label Node [On|Off|ElementId|SphereId]

Label Surface [On|Off|Name [Only|ID] |ID| Interval| Scheme| Size| Merge| Firmness]

Label Vertex [On|Off|Name [Only|ID] |ID|Interval| Size| Merge| Firmness]

Label Volume [On|Off|Name [Only|ID] |ID |Interval| Size |Scheme |Merge |Firmness]

The meaning of each of each label type is listed below. Note that some label types don't make sense for every entity type.

On - The same as IDs.

Name - Name of the entity, if the entity has been named. Default name otherwise.

Name Only - If the entity has been named, use the name as the label. Otherwise, don't use a label.

Name IDs - If the entity has been named, use the name as the label. Otherwise, use the ID as the label.

Interval - The number of intervals set on the entity.

Firmness - Same as interval, but followed by a letter indicating the firmness of the interval setting (see the Mesh Generation chapter for description of firmness settings.)

Merge - Whether or not the entity is mergeable. Note that this is sometimes not clear, because, for example, a curve may show that it isn't mergeable because one of its owning surfaces may be unmergeable, while another owning surface may be mergeable.

Size - The mesh size set on this entity.

ElementId - The Global Element Id of each element. Will only be labeled for hexes, tets, tris, etc. which are in a block.

SphereId - The id of the sphere element associated with this node, if there is one. A sphere element is only associated with a node if the node (or it's geometry owner) is put into a block.

Note: Three dimensional entity types such as body will have their labels displayed in the center of the entity. Thus, in the smooth shade and hidden line graphics modes the labels will be hidden

The GUI includes command panels to manipulate the labels settings for any given entity type. The command panel for the Volumes labels settings is shown below as an example: